2024 RamNation Bracket Contest Presented by CSU Ram Zone

Welcome to the 2024 RamNation Bracket Contest, presented by Ram Zone (powered by the CSU Bookstore)!

FCRam wins it all with UConn’s 75-60 win over Purdue in the National Championship

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4/9/24–With UConn beating Purdue 75-60 in the NCAA National Championship, FCRam wins the RamNation Bracket Contest, presented by CSU Ram Zone! He entered the Final Four tied with ColonelRam and Ramalambadingdong, and FCRam and ColonelRam both had UConn and Purdue in the final, with UConn winning it all, while Ramalambadingdong had just one of four Final Four participants and had Tennessee winning the title. Thus, FCRam and ColonelRam tied for first place at 44 total points and the tie was broken via the total points tiebreaker in the championship game. FCRam’s guess of 155 total points was closer than ColonelRam’s guess of 161 (actual total was 135), so FCRam officially wins the contest and ColonelRam finishes second. 

HawkRamFan entered the week behind the leaders by just one point, and surged past Ramalambadingdong thanks to having both UConn and Purdue in the final, with UConn winning it all. He finishes in sole possession of third place at 43 points. So, FCRam earns the $300 gift card to Ram Zone, powered by the CSU Bookstore, while ColonelRam wins the $150 card and HawkRamFan wins the $75. 

The top 10 of the final standings look like this:

  1. FCRam (44)
  2. ColonelRam (44)
  3. HawkRamFan (43)
  4. Ramalamabadingdong (42)
  5. TDElvis (42)
  6. CSUCUDAD2 (41)
  7. ncjeppson (41)
  8. Rammies34 (40)
  9. RAM Texas (40)
  10. joeybtherealad (40)

For full standings visit the contest homepage and click on ‘Standings’. 

Congrats to our winners. Please reach out to us at [email protected] to arrange collecting your prize. 

Thank you all for playing and we’ll see you this fall for our RamNation Pigskin Pick’em contest!

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OR, if you have any trouble that way, you can simply follow these three steps:

  1. Go to poolhost.com, click on ‘Pool Tools’ and choose ‘Join a Private Pool’)
  2. Choose ‘College Bracket Challenge’.
  3. Join our pool by entering the Pool ID and Pool Password below.

For the Pool ID # type: 44775
If it asks for a password, enter: gorams

That’s it! The next time you login into poolhost.com, you can get back to the pool by going to ‘My Pools’ where you’ll see the RamNation pool and any other pools you’ve joined. Clicking on a pool name will take you to that pool. You’ll be able to track your progress throughout the tournament. 

Thanks to Ram Zone for their sponsorship of this contest. Don’t forget, when you’re in the market for new CSU gear, please visit CSU Ram Zone, who has been a great RamNation.com partner and made this contest possible. Thank you!


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2023 Results

FCRam2 takes home the title! ROSS21J surges into second place

FCRam2 finished in first place at 39 points and wins the RamNation Bracket Challenge. ROSS21J and Ktap7-2 tied for second place, meaning the tiebreaker determined who finished second and third place. ROSS21J’s total points tiebreaker guess was just two points off the actual total, while Ktap7-2 was 22 points off, and thus, ROSS21J officially was our runner-up finisher.  

For full standings visit the contest home page and navigate to “Standings”. 

2022 Results

gRAMS10 wins the 2022 Bracket Contest thanks to the Kansas Jayhawks’ stunning second-half comeback over North Carolina 

Thus, gRAMS10, a long-time RamNationer and contest participant won the contest to earn the $200 gift card to SCHEELS, along with a filled growler with the beer of his choice from Mighty River Brewing Company. Ramalackin and Andrew Cuomo finished second- and third-place, respectively and each earned their own filled growlers from Mighty River. The final top 10 looked like this:

1)  gRAMS10 (41 points)
2) Andrew Cuomo (39)
3) Ramalackin (39)
4) RAM Texas (38)
5) Ramalambadingdong (38)
6) AshlynPRam (38)
7) jeppsonr (37)
8) durwardram (37)
9) GibbonJockey (37)
10) montanaram

For additional results, please check the 2022 contest home page.

2021 Results

Ramalambadingdong surges to the title on the strength of Baylor’s Championship win

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Ramalambadingdong won the championship, the shopping spree to SCHEELS, as well as a free growler filled with the beer of his choice at Mighty River Brewing Company. Color2 and pccoit finished second and third and won a filled growler from Mighty River Brewing Company. The rest of the top 10, who all won free beer taster flights from Mighty River Brewing Company, was as follows:

  1. Ramalambadingdong (40 points)
  2. color2 (40)
  3. pccoit (40)
  4. TheFastForester (39)
  5. RamU23-3 (39)
  6. jjeppson (38)
  7. row19gopher (38)
  8. montanaram (38)
  9. Ramalambadingdong2 (37)
  10. FCRam2 (37)

For additional results, please check the 2021 contest home page.


2019 Results

ktap7 wins the title!

The two contestants who came out of the gates the hottest on the first Thursday/Friday of the NCAA Tournament led nearly wire to wire and finished first and second, respectively in the final standings of the RamNation March Madness Contest, sponsored by Rams Book Store. Ktap7 and bcongleton both recorded an amazing 27 points in the Round of 64 and stayed near the top of the leaderboard for the duration, despite having no teams in the Final Four. In the end, ktap7 won the title with 47 total points. He wins the $100 store credit to Rams Book Store. 

Bcongleton finished one point behind at 46 — tied with Rebelram and TheRealCSURamFan — but officially took the runner-up spot thanks to his tiebreaker guess of 157 total points in the National Championship game (actual total was 162). He earns the $50 store credit to Rams Book Store. Rebelram guessed 148, while  TheRealCSURamFan guessed 142, and thus, Rebelram took the third place spot and the $25 store credit. Had Texas Tech pulled out the victory in the National Championship, Rebelram would have been our champ. 

The top 10 standings looked like this:

  1. ktap7 (47)
  2. bcongleton (46)
  3. Rebelram (46)
  4. TheRealCSURamFan (46)
  5. RamStraight (45)
  6. tylergordon14 (45)
  7. Alpe (45)
  8. PeanutstheBulldog (45)
  9. jcl508 (44)
  10. sacRAMento (44)

For additional results, please check the 2019 contest home page.

 2018 Results

DRZRAM wins the title!

DRZRAM edged the field with 42 total contest points to pull out the title. He held on thanks to his one Final Four team, Michigan, playing in the National Championship game, as well as the strength of his early rounds. He collected 24 points (out of a possible 32) in the Round of 64, 10 points in the Round of 32, 4 points in the Sweet 16, and 3 in the Elite Eight.

He edged gRAMS10 and Carnero, who tied at 41 points, with gRAMS10 officially taking the runner-up spot thanks to his spot-on tiebreaker score of 141 total points in the National Championship game.

The final Top 10 looked like this:

  2. gRAMS10
  3. Carnero
  4. russell80220
  5. row19gopher
  6. CSGon
  7. JBla
  8. thosedernramz
  9. 72kram
  10. EvaJ

For full results, please check the 2018 contest home page.

2017 Results

Big Horned Sheep wins the title!

The top three winners: 

  1. Big Horned Sheep (145 points)
  2. Pau2000 (143)
  3. brett (127)

For full results, please check the 2017 contest home page.

2016 Results

The top three winners:

  1. Oswego ram
  2. Pau2000
  3. Yoderram

For full results, please check the 2016 contest home page.

2015 Results

The top three winners:

  1. Zjb58 (127 points)
  2. Rock n Ram (126)
  3. Hot In Cleveland (123)

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