2023 RamNation Pigskin Pick’em Contest Presented by CSU Ram Zone

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Welcome to the 2023 RamNation Pick’em Contest, presented by CSU Ram Zone powered by CSU Bookstore!

Three huge 13-2 performances this week, but Zachary J White wins on tiebreaker!

9/25/23–In the RamNation Pigskin Pick’em getting 13 wins in a week is something we don’t see happen regularly. So, seeing three of them this week was eye-opening. Zachary J White, DaCobra, and Rees Davies all pulled off the feat, but it was Zachary who officially takes the top spot thanks to the tiebreaker. Zach guessed 35 points in the Hawaii vs. New Mexico State game (actual total was 37), while DaCobra guessed 49 and Rees guessed 59. Thus, Zach wins the $25 gift card to CSU Ram Zone. We’ll be in touch to arrange getting you your gift card!

Tough luck for rock n ram, Shiner, and 5280Ram who had exceptional performances this week also, with 12 wins apiece. But at least 5280Ram used his big week to vault into first place in the overall standings. Four weeks into the season, 5280 now owns sole possession of the lead at 39-21 (65% winning percentage). Matt W and Anthony Barber are tied for second, one pick behind, at 38-22.  Five others, including this week’s winner, Zachary White, are close behind at 37-23. Twenty-one others are just three wins out of the money. 

Remember, there is $25 up for grabs each week, and the season champ earns a $300 gift card to CSU RamZone, while second gets $150, and third receives $75. So keep battling all season long! Keep getting your picks in every week!

Visit the contest page here for full standings/results. 

Thanks everybody for playing!


Thanks to our sponsor, CSU Ram Zone, powered by the CSU Bookstore, for their generous donation of prizes and partnership with RamNation.com. Please support them and all of our sponsors for what they do for RamNation.com and helping us stay up and running! 

Thanks to everyone for playing!

–Joel Cantalamessa (Good SHEPHERD)


Contest details/rules

  • Contestants will pick a point-spread winner in 15 games each week, plus a total score tiebreaker in the final contest game of the weekend. (Please note, we never include CSU games on the list, but try to include most Mountain West matchups.)
  • Contestant’s should make their picks “against the spread”. For instance, if Washington is favored by -14.5 vs. Boise State, and Washington wins by more than 14.5 points, they win “against the spread.” If Washington does not win by more than 14.5 points, then Boise State wins “against the spread,” even though they might lose the game.
  • The system will auto-pick up to three weeks for you if you fail to get your entry in by deadline. If you miss beyond three weeks, you’ll receive a score of 0 for each week missed. 
  • In the event of a tie between contestants at the end of the contest season, Win %, Strength of Victory, and Aggregate tiebreaker as determined by the OfficePoolStop software. If the tie is still not broken we’ll determine an equitable split of the prizes.  
  • Entries are due prior to the first kickoff of a game included in that week’s contest list (typically 10 a.m. MT each Saturday, although some weeks will include Friday and even Thursday games later in the season, so pay attention and get picks in by first game! 
  • You may submit up to three entries per contestant.
  • You may edit your entries via the pool dashboard as long as it’s before the start of the first game of the contest that week. Your final entry is the one submitted last prior to the first kickoff. 
  • If a game is canceled/postponed in a given week, it will merely be omitted from the week’s scores. 

Thanks and best of luck to everyone (except Buffaloes, Cowboys, and Falcons, of course!).

–Good SHEP