The NCAA NIL Decision – And What CSU should do.

So now NCAA athletes can profit off their name, image, and likeness. It’s about time!

But rather than worrying about advertising deals with local merchants or promotional appearances to help sell some schwag, here’s what the CSU Athletic Department should do.

First lets take a step back.

Where’s the real money these days?

Its in building a social media brand, not shilling a soft drink.

TikTok accounts, Twitter accounts, YouTube channels, Spotify podcasts are better future paths which can also be used post-graduation to continue to generate revenue.

CSU should create an NIL Branding Department for their athletes. Hire a team of experts who understand the nuances of setting up successful Social Media platforms. Have people available who can help with content; CSU already has top-notch video people that can serve as a resource.

Imagine a player on a recruiting trip. He meets with the head coach, he meets with assistants, he meets with academic representatives.   Add one persons to meet with – a Social Media expert to help with NIL branding. Some of these young generation are savvy enough to do it on their own but some are not.

I’m not gonna go any further with this idea. All I can say is that its easier to look backward at traditional methods for generating income. But the future  and a much bigger piece of the pie is in building a social media brand.

Who knows – maybe CSU Athletics will spin off the next Joe Rogan!

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  1. When I read your article, I had the same thought as Economicstats – get the College of Business involved. I’m guessing a least several professors have some expertise. Add some higher level students/MBA candidates and give them academic credit for the project. I worked as a tutor for the Dean of the Finance Department, Eliott Waples, decades ago….This sounds a whole lot more exciting and I would have jumped at the opportunity!

  2. CSU is behind the game already- this should’ve been ready to go today, July 1. Other schools have options social media wise all ready to go for their current student athletes and have been marketing to recruits.

  3. Link it to the Business School Marketing Department and education component comes full circle

  4. Excellent thought & strategic direction. Could such a project become a living, fluid Resume (for any future employer, including the NFL), w/ special appearances by those who provide recommendations for a Student Athlete??

    Some knot heads will try to take advantage of it and try to use it to pimp their Weed Biz, etc… but great idea Cracker & 60’s.

  5. That’s a perfect option for CSU and will take away the least time from school and the individual athlete managing his/her NIL “businsess”. Each athlete could choose to use CSU resources or hire thier own to pay the the major share of the folks CSU hires to provide the service. This is a great proactive move by CSU to quickly get over the chaos stage of getting this up and moving.

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