2018 RamNation March Madness Contest Sponsored by Rams Book Store

RamNation March Madness Contest sponsored by Rams Book StoreWelcome to the 2018 March Madness Contest, sponsored by Rams Book Store!

Now that the tourney is underway, sit back and see how your fare!

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March Madness is in full swing, and boy have we seen some great upsets! Remember, the top three RamNation.com brackets at the end of the NCAA Tournament will win a store credit to Rams Book Store. To track your standings, visit the “RamNation 2018” pool (via PoolHost.com)CLICK HERE.


Thanks to Rams Book Store for another year of sponsorship in this contest. Don’t forget, when you’re in the market for new CSU gear, please visit Rams Book Store, whose 17-year sponsorship to this contest and RamNation.com has made this all possible. Thank you!


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2017 Results

Big Horned Sheep wins the title!

Big Horned Sheep cashed in on North Carolina’s national championship victory and won the March Madness Contest sponsored by Rams Book Store. Pau2000 took second, and brett took third. The final top 10 looked like this:

  1. Big Horned Sheep (145 points)
  2. Pau2000 (143)
  3. brett (127)
  4. gamblinram (122)
  5. Gordon14 (119)
  6. I_Bleed_Green (110)
  7. FCRam (109)
  8. Jackson_Ram (108)
  9. Littleton_Ram2 (108)
  10. MrMojorisin (107)

For full results, please check the 2017 contest home page.

2016 Results

The top three winner:

  1. Oswego ram
  2. Pau2000
  3. Yoderram

For full results, please check the 2016 contest home page.

2015 Results

The top three winners:

  1. Zjb58 (127 points)
  2. Rock n Ram (126)
  3. Hot In Cleveland (123)

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