2020 RamNation Pigskin Pick’em Contest Sponsored by SCHEELS


RamNation Pick'em Contest, sponsored by SCHEELSWelcome to the 2020 RamNation Pick’em Contest, sponsored by SCHEELS!

RamsDuJour holds on to win the RamNation Pigskin Pick’em Contest Championship breaking a three-way tie due to winning percentage

12/21/20–A whacky RamNation Pigskin Pick’em season came to a close this weekend with three contestants tied for first at 79 Contest Wins, which factors in omitting each contestant’s worst two weeks. RamsDuJour, who won two individual weeks during the season, including taking the top spot last week, was knotted up by njeppson and RamU23, who also finished at 79 Contest Wins. So, to determine the final placements, we had to go to winning percentage for the overall season, which put RamsDuJour in the top spot at 58.2%, while njeppson (56.2%) and RamU23 (54.9%) fell just short. 

RamsDuJour had some good fortune, considering he recorded just 6 wins this week. It allowed njeppson to move into the tie with 7 wins this week, but RamU23 blew his opportunity at the title by recording the field’s worst score of the week with just 2 wins. What a tight contest this was!

So, our winners have earned the following:

  1. RamDuJour:
    –The honor of winning the 2020 RamNation Pigskin Pick’em Contest
    –$250 shopping spree from SCHEELS, the title sponsor of our contest
    –Filled growler of beer from Mighty River Brewing Company
    –RamNation hat
  2. njeppson:
    –Filled growler of beer from Mighty River Brewing Company
    –RamNation hat
  3. RamU23
    –Filled grower of beer from Mighty River Brewing Company
    –RamNation hat

The rest of the top 10 looks like this (4th through 10th place will each receive a free beer taster flight from Mighty River Brewing Company):

  1. RamsDuJour
  2. njeppson
  3. RamU23
  4. SonnySideUp
  5. CSURamFan
  6. Rock n Ram
  7. camlover
  8. Ramsrus
  10. dougw65

Camlover and Rock n Ram were the hard-luck losers in the final week. They each were tied just one win behind the leaders going into the final week, but fizzled with scores of 3 and 4, respectively. It was a tough way to go out considering they each were leaders/contenders for a good chunk of the season. We’re glad they can at least celebrate via some beer at Mighty River as top-10 finishers. 

Congratulations to all of our winners. We will be in touch in the next couple of days to arrange your prizes.

The field recorded just a 46.7% winning percentage in the final week, meaning that out of 12 weeks, we were under .500 in eight of them. We closed with a 47.51% winning percentage for the year. One of our lowest ever.

And, let’s not forget our weekly winner — Leenco29 — who won the week with 9 wins. This is the second time she won an individual week and thus earns another free beer taster flight from Mighty River Brewing Company. (We’ll email you with your certificate.) This also means that for only the fourth time in contest history we’ve had two contestant’s win multiple weeks in a single season. A rare feat! 

We know it was a bizarre season, with a late start, many cancelled games, etc. But we thank you all for your participation and hope you enjoyed it. We are likely going to scrap the Bowl Pick’em this year due to there being so few games this bowl season. But we’ll target a March Madness contest this spring, so stay tuned. 

Thanks to our sponsors, SCHEELS and Mighty River Brewing Company for their support and prizes. Don’t forget to support them and all of our sponsors for what they do for RamNation.com. And lastly, huge thanks to our contest administrators, Chris Inman and Brian Walter. This was a challenging season and they put a lot of time and effort into keeping it running. 

Thanks to everyone for playing. Our sponsors are hugely important to us and help this website keep going. Please join me in thanking SCHEELS, Mighty River Brewing Company, and Ginger and Baker for making this contest possible! 

–Joel Cantalamessa (Good SHEPHERD)


Contest details/rules

  • Contestants will pick a point-spread winner in every game.
  • Contestant’s should make their picks “against the spread”. For instance, if Air Force is favored by -5.5 vs. Navy, and Air Force wins by more than 5.5 points, they win “against the spread.” If Air Force does not win by more than 5.5 points, then Navy wins “against the spread,” even though they might lose the game.
  • We throw out each contestant’s worst two weeks, so if you miss a week or two, you still have a shot at the season prizes. 
  • In the event of a tie between contestants at the end of the contest season, the first tiebreaker is winning percentage (must have not missed more than two weeks), and the second is contestant who played the most weeks. The third would be best score in the final week. If the tie is still not broken we’ll determine an equitable split of the prizes.  
  • Entries are due prior to the first kickoff of a game included in that week’s contest list. Sometimes these are on Friday nights (and occasionally Thursdays). So pay attention! 
  • Please submit only one entry form per contestant.
  • The system is set up so that if you want to change your picks (before the start of the first game), you simply have to to re-submit your entry, and it will overwrite the existing entry. But your final entry is the one submitted last prior to the first kickoff. 
  • If a game is canceled/postponed in a given week, it will merely be omitted from the week’s scores. 
  • We are tentatively shooting for a shortened 10-week contest season. This could change during the course of the season due to a variety of factors, so we’ll keep everyone up to date as we go!

Thanks and best of luck to everyone (except Buffaloes, Cowboys, and Falcons, of course!).

–Good SHEP, Q.Ram, and CSURamFan