2022 RamNation Pigskin Pick’em Contest Sponsored by SCHEELS

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RamNation Pigskin Pick'em Contest sponsored by SCHEELSWelcome to the 2022 RamNation Pick’em Contest, presented by SCHEELS!

RamsRule holds on to win the season title! David Pitman and Joe Schmid take 2nd and 3rd, respectively

12/4/22–As we said coming into this final week, with a comfy six-game lead by RamsRule, it was going to take a colossally bad week by him and a near-perfect week for the next-closest contenders to change up the final standings at the top. And while RamsRule tried to leave the door slightly open with a 4-7 record this week, the second- and third-place challengers (David Pitman and Joe Schmid) failed to post an above-.500 record this week either. David went 5-6, while Joe went 3-8. 

Fortunately for them, they had a big enough cushion on the rest of the field that they held on to those spots and finished second and third, respectively. But RamsRule ruled the field with a final record of 114-84-6 (a very impressive 57.4% winning percentage). He overtook Stalwart Ram for the overall lead in Week 6 and never relinquished it, building a comfortable lead over the final nine weeks of the season. He earns the $225 SCHEELS gift card. David Pitman finished in second place at 109-89-6 (55%) and Joe Schmid finished in third at 107-91-6 (54%). They earn gift cards of $100 and $50, respectively. (Winners, please contact us at [email protected] to arrange collecting your prizes!)

Rock n Ram and HighlandsRam were each three games out of the prizes entering the week, but Rock went just 5 wins this week, while Highlands posted only 3. The final top 10 looked like this:

1. RamsRule 114 wins
2. David Pitman 109
3. Joe Schmid 107
4. Rock n Ram 106
t5. Good SHEPHERD 105
t5. RamU23 105
t5. Susan Athey 105
t5. CSU_Rams_Rule 105
t9. Tyler Shannon 104
t9. HighlandsRam 104

For the full standings, visit the contest page.

As for the weekly prize, Good SHEPHERD and FCRam tied at 8-3, but SHEP’s total score tiebreaker guess of 48 points in the Clemson-North Carolina game was only one off the actual total of 49, while FCRam guessed 63. So, SHEP takes the top spot this week. RockyStud, Terry Vondy, dougw65, and Susan Athey all had solid weeks at 7-4. 

Thanks to SCHEELS for their sponsorship of this contest and providing the prizes, and thanks to all of you for participating! Stay tuned for the popular Bowl Pick’em Pool, which we’ll launch in the coming week!   

Optional Separate Cash Pool

In the Cash Pool, Good SHEPHERD leapfrogged DurwardRam at the finish line, thanks to a week-best 8-3 mark this week. He entered the week two games behind Durward, but Durward went just 4-7 to fall into second place.  That means Good SHEPHERD took the top spot at 107-91-6 (54%), while Durward finished in second place at 105-93-6 (53%). Tom stiles was the other top contender heading into the week, just three games out of first place and one game out of third. But his 5-6 mark wasn’t good enough to push him into the prizes, finishing in third at 103-95-6 (52%).

Our plan was to pay the top spot $275 and second place $50. However, as the admin of this contest, Good SHEP doesn’t feel great about winning the cash, so he’s going to kick in an extra $50 to DurwardRam (for a total second-place prize of $100) and will make a third-place payout Tom stiles of $50. Congrats guys! We’ll get that paid out this week via Venmo. 

For the full standings, visit the contest page.

Thanks everybody for playing!


Thanks to our sponsor, SCHEELS, for their generous donation of prizes. Don’t forget to support them and all of our sponsors for what they do for RamNation.com and helping us stay up and running! 

Thanks to everyone for playing!

–Joel Cantalamessa (Good SHEPHERD)


Contest details/rules

  • Contestants will pick a point-spread winner in 15 games each week, plus a total score tiebreaker in the final contest game of the weekend. 
  • Contestant’s should make their picks “against the spread”. For instance, if Oregon State is favored by -3.5 vs. Boise State, and Oregon State wins by more than 3.5 points, they win “against the spread.” If Oregon State does not win by more than 3.5 points, then Boise State wins “against the spread,” even though they might lose the game.
  • The system will auto-pick up to three weeks for you if you fail to get your entry in by deadline. If you miss beyond three weeks, you’ll receive a score of 0 for each week missed. 
  • In the event of a tie between contestants at the end of the contest season, Win %, Strength of Victory, and Aggregate tiebreaker as determined by the OfficePoolStop software. If the tie is still not broken we’ll determine an equitable split of the prizes.  
  • Entries are due prior to the first kickoff of a game included in that week’s contest list (typically 10 a.m. MT each Saturday, although some weeks will include Friday and even Thursday games later in the season, so pay attention and get picks in by first game! 
  • You may submit up to three entries per contestant.
  • You may edit your entries via the pool dashboard as long as it’s before the start of the first game of the contest that week. Your final entry is the one submitted last prior to the first kickoff. 
  • If a game is canceled/postponed in a given week, it will merely be omitted from the week’s scores. 

Thanks and best of luck to everyone (except Buffaloes, Cowboys, and Falcons, of course!).

–Good SHEP